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Wellness Warrior

Welcome to your Wellness Warrior!

“Wellness is not just about the absence of illness, but the presence of vitality and balance in all aspects of life.”

Here, we embrace the power of wellness. Everything you need to know about physical, nutritional, personal and mental wellness. 
All wrapped up in one place written by your Wellness Warrior!

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Hi, I'm Trich!

Certified Fitness Instructor, Life Coach & Health Enthusiast. 

I have always had a passion for wellness, and that’s how I ended up here!

I had so many questions I couldn’t find the right answers to, so I decided to find them myself.

And now, I want to share them with my small part of the world!

Explore the world of wellness!

Physical Wellness

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side glute exercises

The Best Side Glute Exercises You Can Do At Home.

The great thing about these side glute exercises is that you can do them pretty much anywhere. Most people think that you won’t be able to

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Pull Day Exercises At Home

9 Of The Best Pull Day Exercises At Home.

Are you looking to build a stronger back, toned arms, and a defined upper body from the comfort of your own home? If you answered yes, then these

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what muscles do dips work

What Muscles Do Dips Work The Most When Working Out?

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as perfectly toned arms when summer rolls around, am I right? Well, to get those perfectly toned arms you

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Nutritional Wellness

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pcos diet

PCOS Diet: The Best And Worst Foods For You.

PCOS should never be taken lightly. There are so many different levels to having PCOS and no one is quite the same. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2020

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calories per slice of pizza

The Best Guide To Knowing Calories Per Slice of Pizza.

Let’s get real for a moment. If you don’t love pizza, you’re missing out in life. If I don’t stop myself, I can easily eat

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the best foods to eat for a post-workout recovery

The Best Foods to Eat for a Post-Workout Recovery.

When you’ve finished your workout, eating the right foods are key to repairing and refueling your body and muscles. I don’t know about

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Mental Wellness

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benefits of intentional living

Benefits Of Intentional Living That Will Change Your Life.

If there’s one thing life isn’t, it’s easy. It’s easy to feel like we’re being swept along by the current, reacting to

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importance of self care

The Importance Of Self Care And How To Stick To It.

I never really understood the importance of self care and how good it can be for you. We have so much on our plates and often self care takes a

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mental health goals

10 Best Mental Health Goals To Improve Your Happiness.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It can be easy to forget to prioritize self-care activities that promote positivity,

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Personal Wellness

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lip balm ingredients to look for

The Best And Worst Lip Balm Ingredients To Look For.

Have you ever wondered if your lip balm is doing what it’s supposed to or just making things worse? There are a few lip balm ingredients to

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self care day

How To Plan A Self Care Day You’ll Love.

Now, you might be thinking “A whole day for self care” and the answer is why not? You spend a whole day at work, with friends, running

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post workout skin care tips

The Best Post Workout Skin Care Tips For Healthy Skin.

Having it all can be really challenging and quite frankly it sucks. There is a very fine line between having the body you want AND glowing skin to be

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