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31 Fitness Journal Prompts For A Healthier Life.

Embarking on a fitness journey is not just about physical exertion; it’s a holistic transformation that involves mind, body, and spirit. One powerful tool to aid this transformation is a fitness journal. By putting pen to paper, you can track your progress, celebrate victories, and reflect on setbacks. To help you unlock the full potential of your fitness journal, here are a few fitness journal prompts to guide you on your path to wellness. I have used many of these prompts myself and have learned so much about myself and the journey I am on.

I invested in a proper fitness journal and it was worth every penny. I love being able to see how far I have come!

fitness journal prompts

Is a fitness journal worth keeping?

I would 100% say YES! It serves as more than just a record of sets and reps; it becomes a mirror reflecting your progress, setbacks, and the details of your wellness journey. Keeping a fitness journal not only offers account of your workouts, nutritional choices, and personal milestones but also provides a unique space for self-reflection and goal-setting. It becomes a source of motivation, a roadmap for improvement, and a vault of valuable insights into your body and mind.

As you flip through its pages, you see your fitness journey unfold, celebrating victories both big and small. Your fitness journal is a testament to commitment, a guide for future endeavors, and a reminder that your journey towards fitness is worth every recorded step.

31 Fitness journal prompts you can use on your health journey.

When it comes to your fitness journal, the world is your oyster. You can write anything you can possible think of in your journal but starting this journey can be tough. I felt like I had serious writers block when I had to write down the first few prompts. Once I saw some ideas on what to write, the words started flowing. I hope that these prompts will help you as much as they helped me.

1. What motivated you to start this fitness journey? How will achieving your fitness goals affect your health?

2. What habits do you currently have that are healthy habits and habits you would like to keep?

3. What are your fitness goals? Make sure that your goals are realistic and measurable so that you have something to measure it to in the future.

4. How do you feel physically and mentally when you wake up in the morning?

5. Write down a few positive affirmations that you can add into your daily routine. Manifest where you want to be in your fitness journey.

6. Write down things about your body that you are grateful for. Try not to always focus on the negative but the positive too.

7. Plan your workouts ahead of time to make sure you stay consistent.

plan your workouts

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8. Record the foods you eat during the day and make sure that these foods align with the goals you have set. (I use MyFitnessPal to track my food intake for the day and this helps track my calories too.)

9. Take progress photos of your entire journey. The changes might be small at first and seeing the changes can be tough. Make sure to record your progress.

10. Make note of victories no matter how small or big. Lifting bigger weights or training longer is a victory worth celebrating.

11. How are you making time for recovery and taking care of your body? Make sure to prioritize self-care at all times as it’s important for mental health.

12. Create a fitness bucket list. Write down a few things you want to achieve within the next year related to your fitness journey and goals.

13. Write down your challenges and setbacks. Not all mistakes are bad ones. We learn from mistakes and only get better with time.

14. Write down exercises you like doing and why. Recording your workouts makes it easier to create more enjoyable workouts throughout your journey.

workouts you enjoy

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15. Is there someone that can be your accountability partner? How can you hold yourself accountable when others can’t?

16. How does your body feel after workouts? Is there a need to adjust your workouts in any way?

17. How do you feel after your workout? Do you have more energy? Are you happier? What makes you want to do this every day?

18. Keep things exciting. Hitting the gym every single time might cause you to get bored. Try new activities that ensure you stay active while exploring new adventures.

19. How much energy do you have during the day and when is the best time to work in your training sessions?

20. How can you be part of a community? Write down ways that you can become a part of a group of people that share the same goals and aspirations that you do.

21. How does your routine change when the season changes? Can you do different workouts according to the season.

22. Focus on mindful breathing. There are so many different benefits to mindful breathing and adding them to your pre- and post-workout sessions can have great benefits.

focused breathing

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23. Find a new skill or habit you would like to adapt in your life.

24. Create a playlist that resonates with you. Working out on music you love is a great way to stay motivated.

25. Go through your journal often to take in some of the information you have written down before and to see how far you’ve come.

26. How can you adapt your fitness routine with the changes of life? Going on holiday or being sick.

27. Create a vision board that visually shows the goals you want to achieve.

28. Make gratitude a part of your life. Remember to be thankful for the things you take for granted.

29. Write down foods that you feel might not work with your body and foods that make you feel good.

foods your body loves

30. Write healthy habits that you can incorporate into your day in the morning and evening.

31. Write down a few bad habits you want to work on getting rid of. How are these habits stopping you from reaching your goals?


A fitness journal is not just a log of exercises; it’s a dynamic tool for personal growth and transformation. By consistently engaging with these prompts, you’ll not only enhance your fitness journey but also gain valuable insights into your habits, motivations, and capabilities. Embrace the process, celebrate the progress, and let your fitness journal prompts be a testament to the incredible journey you’re on towards a healthier, stronger, and happier you.

Happy Writing,

Your Wellness Warrior!

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