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The 9 Best Homemade Drinks To Lose Weight Faster.

Losing weight is a journey that requires a combination of proper diet, regular exercise, and staying hydrated. While numerous commercial products claim to aid in weight loss, some of the most effective solutions can be found right in your kitchen. Homemade drinks not only help you shed those extra pounds but also come with the added benefit of being natural and free from artificial additives. Here are a few of my favorite homemade drinks to lose weight that I used during my weight loss journey!

Can homemade drinks help you lose weight?

This is the biggest yes I can give you! Making homemade drinks to lose weight is a great place to start your journey! These natural drinks are often low in calories, free from artificial additives, and packed with nutrients that support various aspects of weight management.

They can help curb your appetite, boost metabolism, regulate blood sugar levels, and promote healthy digestion. I have used many of these drinks throughout my weight loss journey, mainly because I was tired of only drinking water all day. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE water, but it’s good to alternate your drinks to keep things exciting and sustainable!

9 Homemade drinks to lose weight.

Just remember, there is no magic drink or pill that can make you lose weight. It takes dedication and hard work. You don’t need to starve yourself either. It took me a long time to have a healthy relationship with food and physical activity. Losing weight starts in the kitchen and small changes can make a big difference over time. Like changing out sugary drinks for these homemade drinks to lose weight.

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1. Honey and Lemon Water.

This has to be on the top of my list at all times! I love the combination of sweet and tangy while being refreshed. And for a bonus, this drink is great for relieving a cough when you are sick! I alternate this drink between warm and cold, depending on the weather.

This concoction aids digestion and boosts your metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn calories.


  • 1/2 Lemon.
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey.
  • 2 Cups of Water.

2. Ginger and Cucumber Infused Water.

I am a big fan of infused water. I have found that it is best to add ingredients to an ice tray during the summer months and then use ice to infuse your water. Giving you a refreshing drink which is satisfyingly pretty too! Ginger has thermogenic properties, meaning it raises your body temperature and helps burn fat more effectively. Cucumber juice has a whole bunch of benefits as well, making this a great combo!


  • Sliced Cucumber.
  • Sliced Fresh Ginger.
  • Water.

It’s best to customize the amounts of these drinks to your taste preferences as we all differ in taste. Enjoy!

3. Cinnamon and Honey Water.

The smell of cinnamon makes me feel all cozy inside! This drink is great during the winter when you use hot water instead of cold. I usually sip it as a tea type of drink which makes it even more cozy! Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels and can curb cravings for sweet treats and the honey adds a hint of sweetness.


  • 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder.
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey.
  • 1 Cup of warm water.

4. Coconut Berry Crusher.

I prefer blending this drink rather than just adding the berries in whole, but it’s completely up to you and how you like to drink it. This drink is packed with nutrients and coconut water is low in calories and high in potassium, making it an excellent choice for weight watchers.


  • 1 Cup Coconut Water.
  • Handful of Berries.
  • Handful of Spinach (if blending).
  • Ice
  • Honey (optional)

5. Honey Green Tea.

This drink is delicious either hot or cold. My blender is my best friend and I will put anything through it! So, I prefer this drink blended with ice in the summer and hot in the winter. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has been proven to enhance metabolism and increase fat-burning


  • 1 Green Tea Bag.
  • 1 Cup of Hot Water.
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey.
  • Ice (optional).

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6. Fenugreek Water.

While some of these drinks might be a bit bland, it’s completely up to you to spice up these recipes according to your taste. Fenugreek seeds are known to suppress appetite and regulate blood sugar levels. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach for best results.


  • 1 Teaspoon Fenugreek Seeds.
  • 1 Cup Hot Water.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar Water.

I’m not going to lie to you, this one doesn’t taste great… To me anyway. But Apple Cider Vinegar has been proven to have huge benefits when it comes to general health and weight. It is renowned for its ability to curb appetite and reduce belly fat. Try adding a dash of honey or lemon to lighten the taste. I have heard of many people who love the drink as is, I am just not one of them. Give it a try and put your own spin on it!


  • 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • 1 – 2 Cups Water.
  • 1 – 2 Teaspoons Honey (optional).

8. Green Tea Smoothie.

Although this might not be your traditional homemade drink to lose weight as you might find on some other sites. This drink has been a major boost in my journey. This has often been my go-to snack or breakfast option when I’m not feeling as hungry as I usually am. It’s light, refreshing and packed with nutrients!


  • 1 Green Tea Bag.
  • 1 Cup Hot Water.
  • 1/2 Banana.
  • A handful of spinach.
  • 1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt.
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey.
  • Ice.

Allow the tea bag to sit in the hot water for a few minutes before adding all the other ingredients.

9. Cucumber Juice.

I saved the best homemade drinks to lose weight for last, obviously! There are a ton of recipes available for cucumber juices but I’ll share the one I use most often! It has a bit of a tropical feel to it, which I love!


  • 1 Cucumber, Peeled and Sliced
  • 1 Cup Fresh Pineapple Chunks
  • 1/2 Lime, Juiced
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Ginger, Grated
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Water
  • Ice Cubes
Cucumber Water

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Adding a few of these homemade drinks to lose weight into your daily routine, along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, can significantly boost your weight loss efforts. Remember, consistency is key, so make these healthy beverages a part of your lifestyle for long-term benefits.

Stay hydrated, stay healthy, and watch those extra pounds melt away!

Happy Drinking,

Your Wellness Warrior!

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