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Perfecting Your Holiday Glam To Feel Your Best.

‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine! The holidays are upon us, bringing with them an abundance of festivities, joy, and of course, countless opportunities to slay in the style department. Whether you’re gearing up for a glamorous New Year’s Eve bash or simply want to elevate your festive look for family gatherings, perfecting your holiday glam is a must. Get ready to sleigh the season with confidence and style as we unwrap the secrets to achieving your most radiant and glamorous holiday look yet!


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Your True Self Blog.

Angie at Your True Self Blog has a Velvet Outfits Series that culminates with four style tips in one post. These tips are meant to inspire you with velvet looks, from simple to spectacular, to wear for evenings and holidays. Age doesn’t matter. You may be surprised by how many outfit combinations you can come up with using these tips!

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog.

The Archipelago Botanicals Jar Candle in Peppermint is the embodiment of the holidays, and its delectable aroma earns an A+ from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog.

Wellness Warrior.

Taking care of one’s mental health should take priority above all else. Wellness Warrior shares different types of journals for mental health that can be used to express oneself in a way that feels most comfortable. There are journals for Gratitude, Fitness, Mindfulness and more. Take a look!


Never Say Die Beauty.

Protecting your skin’s barrier is so important, especially in the winter. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty recommends that you consider new Paula’s Choice Barrier Repair Advanced Moisturizer a try. She loves it, and hopefully, you will too!

Barbie’s Beauty Bits.

Computers have benefits but also drawbacks. Prolonged computer use can harm your eyes, weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure and cause premature aging. “Computer face” or “tech face” is the term used to describe the premature aging effects of prolonged exposure to a computer screen. To learn more, read Barbie’s Beauty Bits article Computer Face: What Is It?

computer face


As the final notes of holiday cheer play in the background and the countdown to the New Year begins, it’s time to reflect on the art of perfecting your holiday glam. With each stroke of your makeup brush and every carefully chosen accessory, you’ve transformed into a festive vision of confidence and style. Remember that the true magic lies not only in the sparkle of your eyeshadow but in the joy you bring to the celebrations.

Here’s to a season of beauty, celebration, and the promise of more glamorous adventures ahead!

Happy Celebrating,

Your Wellness Warrior!

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