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The Best Ways To Hydrate Quickly.

Nothing can make you feel quite as bad as being dehydrated. And I completely get it. We might tend to get busy or forget our water bottle at home and before you know it the day is over and you’ve barely had any water and your eating habits haven’t been great either. We’ve all been there. It’s extremely important to stay well hydrated throughout the day no matter what you are doing. Whether you’re gearing up for a workout or simply looking to boost your daily water intake, here are a few ways to hydrate quickly without having to worry about it too much.

ways to hydrate quickly
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Common symptoms of dehydration.

To know whether or not you have to hydrate quickly you need to know if you are dehydrated first. It’s important to note that everyone is unique and that you may have some or all of these symptoms. If in any case, you suspect severe dehydration, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

  • Thirst: The sensation of thirst is one of the earliest indicators that your body needs more fluids.
  • Dark yellow urine: Dark yellow or amber-colored urine is a sign of concentrated urine, suggesting dehydration.
  • Reduced urination: A decreased frequency of urination and lower urine output may be indicative of dehydration.
  • Fatigue and weakness: Dehydration can cause a drop in blood volume, leading to reduced oxygen transport and increased feelings of fatigue.
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness: Inadequate fluid levels can affect blood pressure, potentially causing dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Headache: Dehydration may contribute to the development of headaches, as the brain temporarily contracts due to fluid loss.
  • Rapid heartbeat and breathing: Reduced blood volume from dehydration can result in an increased heart rate and rapid breathing.
  • Sunken eyes: Dehydration may cause the eyes to appear sunken due to a lack of fluid in the surrounding tissues.
  • Confusion or irritability: In severe cases, dehydration can impact cognitive function, leading to confusion or irritability.
  • Dry or sticky mouth: A parched feeling in the mouth and a sticky sensation on the tongue can signal dehydration.
  • Muscle cramps: Dehydration may contribute to muscle cramps or spasms, particularly during physical activity.
  • Overheating: Insufficient hydration impairs the body’s ability to regulate temperature, leading to an increased risk of overheating.
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness: Severe dehydration can result in fainting or loss of consciousness and requires immediate medical attention.

Simple ways to hydrate quickly.

It’s important to find ways that best fit into your lifestyle to stay hydrated. You shouldn’t have to actively think about drinking water or doing something to ensure hydration, find something that can become second nature. I always have a water bottle on hand, for example, whenever I see it I take a sip or two. I make sure to always put it somewhere I can see it. It’s become such a habit that I’ve caught myself taking it with me to the bathroom… Here are some of the ways to hydrate quickly that I often turn to.

Start your day with water.

Rather than grabbing a cup of coffee the moment you wake up, drink a glass of water first while you wait for the water to boil. Does it sound as good as having a cup of coffee first? Not necessarily, but your body will thank you. Drinking a glass of water before anything else, helps your body replenish all the liquids lost during the night and is also a great way to boost your metabolism. Some people believe that drinking warm water with lemon does a better job, but honestly, it’s up to personal preference.

Drink electrolyte-infused drinks.

When you need to hydrate quickly, consider reaching for electrolyte-infused drinks. These drinks, whether store-bought or homemade, contain essential minerals like potassium and sodium, which help replenish electrolytes lost through sweating or other activities. I personally find that electrolyte effervescent tables are the easiest way to go as I can just pop them in my first glass of water for the morning. It spices things up a bit and makes my drinks something to look forward to. It’s not recommended to drink them every single day, but when you do feel a bit under the weather, adding one to your water will go a long way, especially if you have a busy day ahead.

electrolyte drinks

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Add coconut water to your diet.

Not only does coconut water add extra flavor to your foods but it makes for a refreshing drink too. Coconut water is rich in potassium and has a natural sweetness that makes it a delicious alternative to plain water. Its electrolyte content can aid in rapid hydration, making it an excellent choice for post-exercise recovery.

Ways to add coconut water to your diet:

  • A refreshing drink on its own.
  • Add it to a smoothie.
  • Make a fruit salad drizzled with coconut water, honey, and lime.
  • Make fruit popsicles.
  • Add it to chia seed pudding.
  • Use it for marinating chicken and seafood.
  • Make coconut water ice cubes for your infused water.

Drink infused water.

Having to drink a large amount of water throughout the day can be extremely challenging for some people. So, why not add a little spice? There are so many different options you can try when it comes to infusing your water. Whether it be fresh fruits, water-infusing drops, or flavored ice cubes, this is sure to make your water intake a breeze. Add slices of citrus fruits, berries, mint, or cucumber to enhance the taste. Not only does this take your water to the next level but it adds so many other nutritional benefits that your body will absolutely thank you for. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

There are a ton of great infuser water bottles on the market that ensure you don’t drink chunks of fruit with every sip.

Eat more foods with a high water content.

Getting your body hydrated quickly doesn’t mean you have to drown yourself in gallons of water each day that you can barely get down. There are more delicious ways to get the job done and one way is filling up on foods with a high water content. Fruits and vegetables with a high water content can significantly hydrate your body while giving you an additional boost in minerals and vitamins. I can’t think of a better way of getting hydrated!

Foods with a high water content:

  • Cucumber.
  • Watermelon.
  • Strawberries.
  • Iceberg Lettuce.
  • Celery.
  • Cantaloupe.
  • Orange.
  • Pineapple.
  • Zucchini.
  • Tomato.
  • Bell Pepper.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Raspberries.
  • Blueberries.
foods with high water content

Drink herbal tea.

When you are on the less hydrated side, rather than going for your usual cup of coffee, try replacing it with herbal tea. Herbal teas, served hot or cold, can increase your overall fluid intake. Opt for caffeine-free varieties to avoid diuretic effects, and choose hydrating options like peppermint or chamomile.

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Avoid foods that can worsen dehydrating effects.

While this might not be something that comes to mind when you think about dehydration, there are a few foods that can worsen the effects of dehydration if consumed in excess.

  • Caffeinated beverages: Coffee and soda can act as diuretics, increasing urine production and contributing to dehydration.
  • Alcohol: Has a dehydrating effect as it increases urine output and disrupts the body’s water balance.
  • Salty snacks: High-sodium foods like chips and pretzels can lead to water loss.
  • Processed foods: Many processed and packaged foods contain high levels of salt, preservatives, and additives that may contribute to dehydration.
  • Sugary treats: Foods high in refined sugars, such as candies and pastries, can lead to water retention and affect hydration levels.
  • Spicy foods: Spices can increase body temperature and result in more sweating, potentially leading to dehydration.
  • High-protein diets: Diets excessively high in protein may increase the body’s water needs for digestion and metabolism.
  • Fried foods: Fried and greasy foods can be dehydrating, as they often contain high levels of salt and unhealthy fats.
  • Processed meats: Processed meats like bacon, sausages, and deli meats tend to be high in sodium, contributing to dehydration.

How long does it take your body to rehydrate?

There are a few things that come into play when thinking about rehydration. There are a few factors you need to take into account such as the degree of dehydration, the beverages or foods consumed, and individual physiological differences. In general, the body begins absorbing water immediately upon consumption, with the initial effects often noticeable within 30 minutes. However, complete re-hydration can take several hours, especially if dehydration is severe.

rehydrated body

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Staying well-hydrated is a simple way to support your health and vitality. By adding a few of these hydration hacks into your daily routine, you can ensure that your body stays adequately replenished with the fluids it needs to function. Remember, the key is consistency, so make a conscious effort to prioritize hydration throughout the day.

Happy hydrating,

Your Wellness Warrior!

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  1. Such an important post! I always try to refill my water throughout the day but it definitely helps switching it up sometimes by adding fruit. I’ve also been wanting to try coconut water, adding it to a smoothie sounds delicious!

  2. I admit I am not the best at hydrating. The tips in this article are quite helpful in making it easier to meet my water intake needs – especially like the idea of adding some coconut water and herbal teas to my daily routine.

  3. Thorough explanation, I have had trouble staying hydrated since I went through menopause. I realize it takes more than drinking water to stay hydrated.

  4. I have to constantly remind myself to drink more water every day! I put a little lemon juice in mine to spruce up the taste.

  5. I’m trying that water bottle trick and reminding myself to fill it three times a day, then it would be good for the day at least. My husband has it already well implemented in his routines – now he has fewer headaches than before and his skin is better too! So I can honestly say that I am motivated to stay hydrated!

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